Missouri Carbide, Inc. Celebrates 46th Anniversary!
Missouri Carbide, Inc. Proud of Success

Thanks to Employees, Customers, Suppliers, & Friends For Their Support

In a proud statement issued from their company headquarters in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Missouri Carbide, Inc. announced that 2019 is the 46th Anniversary of the founding of their business.

The company was started back in 1979, the same year one of our biggest businesses, Chrysler Corporation, was asking for a $1 billion bail-out.

Former screen star and Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, announced his bid for the presidency.

All heads turned and history was made when Margaret Thatcher became the first woman Prime Minister of England. And in Chicago, the city elected its first woman mayor, Jane Byrne, with the largest majority vote in that city since 1901.

What else happened in 1979?

Music lovers were sitting in front of their stereos listening to What a FoolBelieves52nd StreetMy Sharona, and Dionne Warwick singing I’ll Never Love That Way Again.

The rockin’ musical Grease gave its 3,243rd performance and became the longest-running musical on Broadway at that time.

  • Yes, when you think about it, things have changed a lot in 46 years. But after all this time there are some things that have remained the same.
  • One good thing is that Missouri Carbide, Inc. is still around and thriving after 46 years of hard work and lots of dedication by everyone involved …and most importantly, caring about the customers who helped us reach this milestone.

Important Events of 1979

  • Surgeon General reported that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer.
  • Spectacular Bid won the Kentucky Derby.
  • The Waltons was a hit on TV.
  • Missouri Carbide, Inc. started its first year in business.

Why should we start doing business with some “Johnny-Come-Lately?”
Missouri Carbide, Inc. has been successful for 46 years!

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