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Front & back deburring in a single pass

Our job is to save you time and money… and we take that job very seriously. Get rid of those annoying burrs in a single pass with our patented deburring tools. The unwanted material on the front and backside of the hole will be deburred in seconds! We are all about convenience at E-Z Burr—the blades in our deburring tools are easily changed and you have the ability to adjust the cutting pressure while the tool is still in the machine as we are true experts in the industry. Deburring and chamfering tools are our sole focus, and all of our deburring and chamfering tools are designed and manufactured right here in Plymouth, Michigan.

We are proud to offer a complete line of high-speed steel (HSS) and carbide deburring tools, chamfering tools, as well a combination of drilling and deburring tools to make your work easier.

Tiny hole?….no problem, our micro tools will take care of that. Our top-of-the-line deburring tools are available in all metric and fractional sizes from .040” through 2.0.” If you have your own vision for your deburring tool, custom tools can be produced in a mere two weeks. Deburr faster than you ever thought possible. E-Z Burr Tool Company…..Easy. Fast. Built to Last.

  • High-Speed Steel
  • Stubby Tool HSS
  • Standard Carbide
  • Stubby Tool Carbide
  • “Small Hole” Carbide Micro Series
  • Component Micro Series
  • Chamfer Tool
  • BurrFree Drill
  • E-Z- Burr Customs


Each one of E-Z Burr’s deburring and chamfering tools are patented, as well as designed and manufactured in-house. Our product line offers affordable yet efficient deburring and chamfering tools, which are easy to use. Our products require little maintenance, as our patented locking system allows you to effortlessly change the blade or insert quickly while the tool remains in the machine.

Check out our product line, we offer high speed steel (HSS) and carbide deburring tools, precision and micro deburring & chamfering tools, and combination drilling & deburring tools. We also offer the option of custom deburring tools.

HSS Deburring Tool The standard for quick, effective and consistent front/rear burr removal

Carbide Deburring Tool Ideal for large production runs, heavy burrs and tough materials

Micro Series Deburr tiny holes with our Standard Micro Series and Component Micro Series.

Chamfer Tool Cut a precision chamfer on the front and deburr the back, all in one stroke

E-Z Burr Customs Need something other than our standard dimensions? No problem. We can build a custom tool for you!

Need a Tool?

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