Together we Celebrate our 46th Anniversary!        

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Come help us celebrate with these SUPER HOT Anniversary Specials!
*Coated Carbide Inserts  **Coated Carbide End Mills
(Single-end square 2, 3, or flute
CNMG-431$3.80  1/32$6.22
CNMG-432$3.80 1/16$5.26
CNMG-433$3.80 3/32$4.78
DNMG-431$4.90 1/8$4.62
DNMG-432$4.90 5/32$9.20
TMNG-432$4.60 3/16$8.96
TMNG-433$4.60 1/4$10.53
VNMG-331$3.80 5/16$14.45
VNMG-332$3.80 3/8$16.93
WNMG-432$4.50 7/16$24.30
SEAN-42AFTN$4.00 1/2$27.50
TPG-221$2.50 5/8$52.51
TPG-321$2.70 11/16$77.44
TPG-322$2.70 3/4$70.18
TPG-431$4.50 7/8$124.21
TPG-432$4.50 1″$125.81

*Coated inserts are multi-layer consisting of TiCN/  TiC/  Al 203/  TIN

**Coated End Mills are now the most advanced in the industry.
It is ALTIN + Solid Lube.  This is a Titanium Aluminum Nitride PLUS a solid lubricant.

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