All in One Turning Tool for Lathes

(Works great on min. Lathe)
Please view video:  D.T. Tool Holder Review

The 1/2″ can be purchased at 3.800″ long for small Lathe’s or 5″ long for the bigger Lathe’s.
1/2″  All in One Turning Tool made from steel with 1 – Turning Insert for steel, 1 CNGG-431-Alu. Insert for Chamfer and 6 Screws. 1 – Insert for turning 6061 Alum. can be purchased at an extra cost of ($15.00) ea.

(Video) setting center from the side of the tool post:

All in One turning Tool for Manual Lathes
Tools in stock 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″.
(Inserts are standard and can be purchased with a radius from .003 to .060)

(Please view video:
This video is an update for the Insert on the chamfer end of the Tool using a CNGG-431 Insert, now you can make the chamfer as big as you want and you can use this for Alum. Brass and mild Steel.

Customer service is beyond awesome. Product more than expected….Jeremy Taylor

This Insert Holder is made for smaller Lathes.
1/2″ All in One Turning Tool in a
A2Z Tool Post Holder

The best way to find the center is to face a solid bar from the side of the tool post. When there is no nob on the bar you are on center. You can move the holder from the side to the front of the tool post, were you can turn the part with out changing the center.

Please view the video of All in One Turning Tool.

Got the Tool, nice. Can still cut a 1.5″ piece of stock…Kurt Kenyon

Please view the video of All in One Turning Tool.

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