Inserted Stick Tool Bit for Lathes & Screw Machines

hese holders are made so you can use the insert you need for the material you are running and at a price you can afford, these inserts can be purchased from any major company and are standard inserts.

These Stick Tools fit most Knee Tool Holders from 5/16″ to 5/8″.

The 45 Deg. Stick Tool Holder is made with a square Insert that can be used to chamfer small and big Dia. parts.

These Inserted Tool Bits work on Acme, New Britain, Conomatic, Brown & Sharp, Wickman and Warner & Swasey Screw Machine’s.
(Notice) There is no clamp on top of the Insert to stop the chips.

Inserted Tools that work in Screw Machines & Lathes (Inserts are in stock with a radius up to .060) 

If your setupmen or operators are still grinding tools, you’re losing 2 times that down time in
Inserted Stick Tool for Lathes & Screw Machines. Tools are in stock from 3/8″ to 3/4″.

Front view and side views

Standard sizes are available or custom holders can be made to your specifications. These holders will save you the time it takes to take the tool out, grind the tool, and get it back on center. Just turn or change the insert.

Costume Made Insert Holders can be made and shipped within two weeks

Please view video of All in One Turning Tool:

Packages consist of 1 Holder, 1 Insert, & 3 Screws

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