Inserted Brake Lathe Tools for Rotors

These Tools will fit Accu-Turn, Bear and Ammco brand brake Lathes.
Patent # US D539,316 S

Originally designed for the automative brake lathe, the DT Tool Holder Brake Lathe Tool has been an excellent compliment to the DT Tool Holder line of quality tool holders. Having 2 sides and a alen screw to hold the Insert keeps the Insert from vibrating .Just turn or change the insert. When the Insert has been used in the right side holder, you can move the Insert to the left side holder or left to right and you have 4 more cutting edges to use on each Insert, for a total of 8 sides.

If you have to turn wide Rotor’s you will have to grind a notch at the point of the Insert so you can back it up to clear the Rotor.

3/8″ Tools that fit Accu-turn & Bear Brake Lathe.

Please View the Video of the Bear Brake Lathe
with D.T. Tool Holders Tool Bits.

Inserts are standard CNMG-321 or CNMG-322

This shows the finish Carbibe Insert
to Ceramic Insert.

This is on a Ammco Brake Lathe

Ammco Brake Lathe with 3 Jaw Chuck

Ammco Tool Bits

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