Complete Rebuilt Holders for Sale

(Plus all these holders use the same insert)

If you are going to buy extended roller assembly’s you should check out the conversion kit, it can be costume made to work with the roller arm assenbly’s you have.

Conversion Kit with pocket at 45 deg.

Boyer & Schultz 00RT with D.T. Tool Holders Conversion Kit.

” I’ve made close to 2000 pcs.with it so far and it works flawlessly.
matl. is w-1 drill rod going from 7/16 to .246 +/- .002 and this thing is bullet proof!!!! “
Thank you so much. Paul Swatloski

2 RA Box Tool Holder

These Holders can also be used on Hardinge’s & Lathe’s.

 (Remember) if it’s not running it’s not making you money.

3 RT Box Tool Holder

Somma Box Tool Holder
with Conversion Kit

Custom made Conversion Kits are Available

2 RA Box Tool Holder

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