Conversion Kit

D.T. Tool Holders Conversion Kit on a Boyar & Schultz 00RT Box Tool Holder

Please view Video of Conversion Kit cutting 01 Tool Steel on a Hardinge CHNC Lathe.

(Note) When using a Conversion Kit use a new adjusting screw and make sure the bolt is loose when adjusting the size.

These holders are made so you can use the insert you need for the material you are running and at a price you can afford, these inserts can be purchased from any major company and are standard inserts.

When using the OOORT or OORT Box Tool Holder with a Conversion Kit, you will have to mill or grind .050 off of this corner to get the screw out, so you can turn or change the Insert without removing the Conversion Kit when it is in the machine. Just turn or change the Insert.

D.T. Tool Holders

Conversion Kits all use the same size Insert.
If you have to buy extended rollers for your holder. the conversion kit is the answer and you don’t have to grind tool bits.

The only adjustment is the size.
Please view this link for the video of a B & S Screw machine running 01 tool steel with 2 Boyer & Schultz Box Tool holders. One with an Inserted tool bit and the other with D.T. Tool Holders Conversion Kit. Cycle time went from 94 sec. to 77 sec. SS 1500 Feed .004

The video shows how long it takes to change or turn the Insert.

Tool Bits in Stock

Box tools from 1/4″ to 5/8″ Stick tools From 3/8″ to 5/8″ and Conversion Kits for Boyer & Schultz OOORT, OORT, ORT, and 2RT Box tool holders.

These Inserted Tool Bits work on Acme, New Britain, Conomatic, Brown & Sharp, Wickman, Warner & Swasey, and C & C Machine’s.


This new Conversion Kit work’s better than any other Insert Holder I have ever used
…Chuck @ Copper Creek


Boyer & Schultz 00RT with
D.T. Tool Holders Conversion Kit

Thank you the holder ran the first job complete without even having to change the insert Never did that job that easy before.
…Regards Larry Underwood, Underwood and Sons

Made in the USA

Just an update on the magnificent tooling you built for me. I’ve made close to 2000 pcs.with it so far and it works flawlessly.

Material is w-1 drill rod going from 7/16 to .246 +/- .002 and this thing is bullet proof!!!!

…Thank you so much. Paul Swatloski

Conversion Kit’s made to order.

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